Helping overwhelmed high school English teachers engage students with meaningful literature!

Hey Teacher Hero!

Somewhere between falling in love with literature and falling in love with helping young minds grow, high school English teachers often get lost–in new ideas, administration expectations, office gossip, and naughty students! It’s hard to press on when we feel overwhelmed and ineffective.

I know this feeling because I’ve had it too! I’ve thought about walking out of my classroom door and never looking back. Instead, however, I asked myself, “Why did I do this in the first place? Why did I get this degree and take this job?” 

My answer is always the same: literature is pure magic. It has inspired me, motivated me, and taught me throughout my whole life. Everyone deserves to connect to a profound piece of literature. And when I remember that, my job began to feel less like a job and more like a calling. 

So here I am, on a mission to help re-inspire teachers like you and get you psyched about the power of literature. As the kids say, “It’s Lit!” Teaching literature, that is. 

Heather Cianci High School English Teacher
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